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About the domain Blogger.com. Blogger.com has currently 4,803,820 visitors per day. The average visitor on the website views about 6 pages per visit, together these visitors displaying 28,438,614 pages a day. Daily advertising revenue for Blogger.com would be €153,569.00 what gives Blogger.com with its visitors and income an estimated website worth of €58,021,280.00. The website is hosted By unknow and is currently ranked at position # 49 on the world website ranking list. Browse through to find out more website statistics about Blogger.com.

Visitor statistics

The previous amount of visitor for Blogger.com was 5,867,059 visitors per day, currently the website has 4,803,820 visitors a day. If we compare these two values, the daily visitors increased with -22%. The pageviews increased with -14%.

Visitors before currently change
Daily visitors 5,867,059 4,803,820 -22%
Pageviews per user 6 6 0%
Daily pageviews 32,386,166 28,438,614 -14%

Finance statistics

Blogger.com has a financial change rate of -14%. This website has a daily advertisement revenue of €153,569.00, with its 4,803,820 visitors, this website gets a estimated worth of €58,021,280.00

Finance before currently change
Daily ad profits €174,885.00 €153,569.00 -14%
Website worth €74,480,857.00 €58,021,280.00 -28%

Rank statistics

The website Blogger.com is positioned at place # 49 on the global traffic ranking list. In the country of origin the website is placed on position # 16. Blogger.com has a pagerank of 9 with 3,624,427 linked websites.

Rank before currently change
Global traffic rank # 41 # 49 -16%
Country traffic rank # 14 # 16 -13%
Linked websites 3,868,743 3,624,427 +7%
Pagerank 9 9 0%

Server statistics

What we can tell you about the server. The server is hosted by under the ip address This website statistic report is last updated on 18 Jan 2014

Server data
Server ip
Domain created on 22-Jun-1999
Last updated 18 Jan 2014

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